Jenice and I hope you are enjoying your summer. I know in this edition of FITNESS INSIDER I am supposed to get you the newsletter about Fascia and Fitness however I wanted to give you a quick video on the ‘crunch-free’ ab routine. I promise to get the Fascia and Fitness tutorial to you next week.

If you missed our previous videos on why crunches directly lead to low back, check it out here. If you saw it and were wondering what some alternatives are to crunches, sit ups, and leg lifts or what we do with our clients to train their abs, then this video is for you.

There are really no secrets. Just follow the basic principles:

  1. Teach your client how to breathe and stabilize their thoracopelvic canister.
  2. Teach them how to control neutral spine and achieve a long spine.
  3. Progress them through the fundamental movement patterns.

It’s that simple. There are no secret strategies or exercises. Train the abdominals in the manner is which they are designed to function:

ü     In their role in developing intra-abdominal pressure and TPC stabilization;

ü     In their role in stabilizing the thorax over the pelvis;

ü     In their role in stabilizing the pelvis under the thorax;

ü     In the their role as trunk rotators.

Once I prove to clients and patients that performing crunches and similar exercises can actually de-stabilize their spine, they wonder what they can do to ‘strengthen’ their abs. And the question we are routinely asked is ‘does this approach really work?’ As one of my long-time clients recently commented to me – “We haven’t done one ‘ab’ exercise in over a year and I have six pack abs. I really don’ t understand it but it works.”

Check out this video below in which I demonstrate an example of one of the circuits we would use with our clients that have been progressed through breathing, activation, and the fundamental movement patterns. After a proper warm-up of breathing and activation, I would have my client perform a set of 10-20 repetitions of each of the exercises and then rest for 60 seconds and repeat it 2-3 more times.  Just an FYI Jenice picked out the music, feel free to mute.

Coming next edition of FITNESS INSIDER: Fascia and Fitness – What You Need to Know