If you work with the general population as we do, one of the most common postural issues you will encounter is the forward shoulder posture.

Because it is so rampant and creates many common issues such as shoulder tightness and can lead to a host of issues such as rotator cuff problems, upper back problems, and even neck issues, it’s important that you help your clients identify a strategy for improving the forward shoulder posture.

Unfortunately, despite all the focus on stretching the pecs, strengthening the rhomboids and mid traps, and developing upper thoracic extension, very few individuals are actually able to change their forward shoulder posture.

In our clinic, we’ve been able to help many individuals successfully address their forward shoulder posture. Contrary to many other approaches in the health and fitness professions, we are not that concerned with the forward shoulder posture in our clients.

In fact, we frankly don’t care about an individual’s posture…

                             …unless their postural strategy is reinforced by their movement strategy.

The shoulder needs to come forward in order to do the things we need to do in every day life such as work at a computer, read a book or mobile device, eat, drink, etc.

However, many individuals have overused the forward shoulder as their default postural and movement strategy for every activity and are unable to effectively move themselves out of this position.

This means that helping an individual develop an improved postural strategy does not help their situation unless it is subsequently reinforced by their movement strategy.

Therefore, the most important key to solving the forward shoulder posture in your clients is to:

Help your client develop an improved postural and movement strategy.

Stop hyper-focusing on specific stretching and strengthening exercises for the forward shoulder. Your clients don’t need more exercises – they already have enough exercises.

Instead, get more focused upon your clients' strategy.

What your clients need is to develop a more optimal and efficient strategy for posture and movement.

In other words, they need to develop a strategy for improving their alignment, breathing, and control.

And they need a strategy that enables them to integrate alignment, breathing, and control into their exercises and activities of daily living.


The key to helping your clients with the forward shoulder posture is to help them develop an improved postural and movement strategy.

· To help your client develop an improved postural and movement strategy, you must educate yourself so you understand why the forward shoulder is such a common issue.

· To help your client develop an improved postural and movement strategy, you must know how to execute the most effective corrective exercise strategies.

· To help your client develop an improved postural and movement strategy you must empower your clients to take control of their own issues by providing them with a strategy to self-manage their issues outside of your session.

A few months ago, we presented an interactive workshop and shared these exact concepts with the participants.

During this workshop, we covered the following topics and myths related to training individuals that present with the forward shoulder posture. For example:

· Why so many individuals develop the chronic forward head and shoulder position…and why it’s not simply because they sit all day long.

· The myth of the internally rotated shoulders and why we don’t teach our clients with forward shoulders to pull their shoulders ‘down and back’.

· Simple assessments of posture and movement analysis for individuals that present with the forward head and shoulder posture.

· The principles of The Integrative Movement System – alignment, breathing, and control – and how to integrate these principles into the most appropriate corrective exercises to address the forward shoulder.

· Functional training strategies for helping individuals return to pushing and pulling exercises without reverting back to their chronic forward shoulder posture.

The great news is that if you weren’t able to attend the workshop, this session was recorded and put on-line so that it is directly available to you now!

Check out below a sample recorded during the actual workshop! 

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· Identify common shoulder issues related to the forward shoulder posture.

· Reinforce optimal shoulder mechanics in overhead pulling progressions.

· Improve thoracic posture through overhead pulling patterns.

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